HR for Real (HRFR) is an entertaining, informative, and compelling town square for HR professionals, employees, and job seekers. HRFR is designed to find the humanity in HR, and create transparency in an industry that is plagued by obfuscation, conspiracy theories, and perceived lack of compassion.

For far too long, most of the world has seen HR as The Bobs. HRFR is here change that, or at least get you a seat – which side is up to you – at the table.


For example, HRFR addresses these common questions and misconceptions:

Is HR really just a department created to protect powerful, soul-crushing corporations?

Are cover letters addressed to “Human Resources Manager” ever seen by a human being?

Does HR have a file on you that documents your faults and achievements?

What qualities does HR seek in job candidates and applications?

Can HR get you a raise, promotion, or better health insurance?

What do HR professionals look for in a resume, cover letter, and interview?

How do I become an HR professional, and is the best career choice for me?

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