Monster’s November Surprise

It’s probably not what Monster expected. The article titled “100 Companies Making Big Hires in November” sounds so positive, hopeful, and optimistic. The list of companies hiring this month is quite impressive and includes juggernauts from Amazon and AT&T to Home Depot and State Farm.

Bad Jobs Are Terrible, But So Is the Application Process

The feedback from job seekers and the general public in the comment section of Monster’s Facebook post was swift and harsh. Though sentiments included anger over these opportunities only being seasonable and yet another indicator that companies no longer invest in employees by offering full-time positions with benefits, another vein of heartfelt responses also emerged: the demeaning, frustrating, and dehumanizing digital application process. Take a look:

The Problem with Digital Applications


The Outrage and Despondency Over Crappy Jobs Continues

As we’ve learned from the horrifying 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign pitting Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump against each other in an excruciatingly overextended and appallingly fetid and cacophonous walrus flab battle, many Americans continue to struggle to find decent jobs. And by failing to contextualize the seasonal aspect of its hyperbolic “100 Companies Making Big Hires in November” article, people, well, got a little upset. 


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