Job seekers, you know it happens. You apply to dozens of jobs with customized cover letters to accompany your professionally composed resume. You hear nothing. You wonder if your life is ever going to get on track. Then it happens. You get an email – or, wow, a phone call from a strange number that you courageously answer – and you set up an interview.

You have your clothes dry cleaned. You get your hair cut. You research the company, run through practice questions and answers, and print out extra copies of your resume. The interview goes well. You answer the questions flawlessly, you make them laugh at light moments, and the department director sitting on the left side of the table is also a fan of Jonathan Franzen, your favorite novelist. They’ll be in touch, they say, shaking your hand at the elevator. But you never hear from them again.

You’ve been interview ghosted.


One thought on “Interview Ghosting: Is This the New HR Norm?

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