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Stop the Shakedowns: Why Employees Should Never Bring Cash to Work

Enough already. HR tried. They really did. Nevertheless, employees just didn’t listen. And they’re really not to blame, either. Sometimes corporate culture just isn’t able to remove the humanity from the human beings that work for them. Employees, after all, don’t stop being mothers, fathers, friends, and confidants just because they are sitting in a cubicle or wearing a tie.

The line that separates our professional lives and personal lives is about as formidable as the floats the separate the deep end of the pool from the shallow end. It’s really just an idea, and a loose one at that. To maintain order and decency, every professional needs to set their own boundaries in the workplace. So, employees need to stop bringing cash to work. It’s the only way to stop socially awkward shakedowns that extort cash from honest and hardworking professionals in offices across the world.

It is absolutely and totally inappropriate for a professional to be asked to contribute personal money in a professional setting. Period. Hard stop. No freaking way. Let’s repeat that: It is absolutely and totally inappropriate for a professional to be asked to contribute personal money in a professional setting.

Let’s clarify. While at the office or in a professional situation, it is entirely unacceptable to ask a fellow employee to contribute to a coworker’s:

Birthday gift.
Birthday cake.
Baby shower.
Medical expenses.
Retirement expenses.
Girl Scout cookies.
Kickstarater, GoFundMe, Indiegogo, etc.
Vacation expenses.
Parking tickets.
Fly fishing equipment.
Air Jordans collection.
Booze habit.
Weed habit.

But let’s face it. It will never stop. Thankfully, modern times have empowered employees with a very digital-age excuse: “Oh, sorry, I don’t have any cash on me.” It’s totally plausible. So use it to your advantage. After all, if you were really friends, they wouldn’t be asking you for money at work. You’d be somewhere else. Somewhere with sand or a bartender. Somewhere socially acceptable for such a request from a dear and trusted friend. It’s time to stop the shakedowns.


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