There are times in life when someone, somewhere, does something on the Interwebs that opens up a portal into a powerful dimension of feelings shared by swaths of human beings. Just like Eleven in Stranger Things, a Turkish woman named Sevtap Batir used her powers of perception to open up an informative and passionate discussion on the state of employment in the advertising industry in New York City. Before the Facebook post and comments get buried in the timeline, HRforReal wanted to celebrate her courage and honesty, and to recognize the sincere and civilized comments and conversation it inspired.

Note: HRforReal was created to address – and perhaps help improve – conventional hiring processes that often, intentionally or not, demean and disrespect job seekers and unfairly stigmatize folks in corporate HR and the recruiting industry as heartless merchants of dashed expectations and crass opportunism. These poorly executed relationships result in disgruntled job seekers who now have a negative story about the company to share with friends and family at Thanksgiving – which is a costly and totally avoidable liability from an employer branding perspective. For HR folks and recruiters, this poisoned relationship results in a major public relations problem for their entire industry. Honestly, someone had to say something.

Ms. Sevtap Batir did just that on the NYC Ad Jobs & Networking Facebook page, a popular platform for job seekers and providers alike. What followed was a compelling and authentic discussion on how age, ability, and location impact the professional lives of creatives, from graphic designers to producers.


Ms. Sevtap Batir’s words clearly resonated with job seekers of all ages and backgrounds in the advertising scene in New York City. Here are many of the responses:









2 thoughts on “Something Pretty Amazing Happened on the NYC Ad Jobs & Networking Facebook Page

  1. I love this post! Honestly expressed feelings are typically shunned in the corporate world, and some of the comments in this thread displayed just that. People made comments that she shouldn’t be expressing her feelings or she will not be marketable for a job. I purposely commented in support of Sevtap’s honest expressions (as raw as they may have been), in order to show my support for authenticity.

    I was once at an onsite freelance design assignment, and noticed a woman hiding and crying in the bathroom.
    What struck me was the way she hid, and it seemed a symbol for the way everyone feels the need to hide emotions in the work world. i’m not saying people should express toxic emotions all over the work place, but rather, healthy emotions expressed promote health.

    In the work world, in the real world, people’s feelings matter and stuffing all emotions in an effort to seem “together” is part of what needs to be reframed in the corporate world, in my humble opinion. We are humans, and should be celebrated and supported as such!

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