HR for Real was born from the worldwide chaos of The Great Recession. At that time millions of talented, committed, and ethical professionals lost their jobs through no fault of their own, and the world of employment has never been the same.

For employers and job seekers, the ensuing years were fraught with angst, anxiety, and speculation about what, exactly, the future held for enterprises and workers. During that time, HR departments across the globe were forced to operate on shoestring budgets and diminished resources, and the level of trust between employers and prospective employees significantly deteriorated and, some may argue, completely vanished.


Those times, and the economy, have changed. But that strained and wary relationship between employers and job candidates has not. If fact, developments in technology and digital platforms has the entire human race wondering what careers, and hiring, will look like in the future.

At HR for Real, we know that change is inevitable, so we embrace it. We also know there are universal truths about human beings — such as we all need a sense of purpose in life, and employment is an important component of that purpose.

We all know that since mankind has huddled in caves around glowing fires, they have told stories. Storytelling is in our human DNA, and though the media through which we tell stories may always change, our need to connect never will.

Telling stories. That’s what we do. Let us tell yours.

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