HRFR provides employers with compelling internal branding strategies and assets including: employee handbooks and guidelines, motivational employee engagement content and newsletters, as well as talent procurement/job listing and outreach services.

Start with the basics. Do your employee and staff bios read like bland extensions of resumes and LinkedIn profiles? Well, please consider our thoughts about bios as important missed opportunities to promote your business, growth goals, and networking possibilities. Do your employee social media bios simply repurpose information already available elsewhere online? That’s a missed opportunity.

Are your company’s job descriptions and interviewing protocols attracting candidates who offer ideal skills sets, work histories, and personalities that align with your business’ cultural values? Well-crafted job postings and interviewing tactics can save you and your company costly expenses associated with mis-hires and inefficient hiring practices. When other people and companies read your job postings and descriptions, do they immediately recognize your brand voice and identity?

Will the people whom you interviewed but chose not to hire say positive things about their experience and your brand at the Thanksgiving table?


Has job creep or poor internal communications negatively impacted productivity at your company? Do your employees know exactly what they are responsible for, and why? Is your mission statement outdated? Do your departments and teams know what each other is doing?

Are you tired of being asked questions? Well, now it’s your turn. Reach out if any of these issues or concerns resonate with your thoughts or objectives.

We’d be happy to give you a free high-level audit of your staff and employee bios, internal engagement assets, job postings and descriptions, social media profiles, HR resources, and internal communications.