We get it. Looking for a job sucks. And the worst part isn’t even the rejection that is inherently involved in the process; it is the dehumanizing, belittling, and frustrating processes and micro-humiliations that have become normalized in these crazy hiring protocols.

For example, making an online application insanely time-consuming is not a legitimate means of testing a candidate’s passion for the position. Honestly, who has their former manager’s contact information from 2007? It’s an inefficient employer’s rationalization that wastes the time of countless well-intentioned job candidates who end up losing the opportunity because it was filled by the VP’s nephew, who simply submitted a resume to his aunt. We get it.

We get that the only way to get a raise today is to change companies. We get that recruiters never call you back after they pursued you like the paparazzi. We get that being ignored, dismissed, or flat-out misled by prospective employers is the new norm. Stay sane. Stay focused. Stay in the game.

We can help.

HRFR offers job seekers cover letter and resume writing strategies, job acquisition tips, and personal branding and portfolio optimization. And completely unlicensed job search psychotherapy. If you think we can  help you, please get in touch.

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